Local Traditional Resource Users in the Sundarbans and Relief International – UK have built  eco-cottages in a bid to encourage the locals at becoming entrepreneurs and generate their own alternative income sources. Their involvement in eco-tourism initiatives allows them the opportunity to realize the importance of conserving the neighboring forest as well as earn a decent living by operating a conscientious business model.

So we present to you the 2 eco cottages and a tree house at the Bhojonkhali Mangrove Eco Cottage and Tree House site. Built using local products like the Nypa palm and bamboos, the eco cottages can house upto 2 people each. Experience the warmth of living with a local family inside the perimeters of their compound in a locally built cottage and try out some traditional cuisine of crabs and shrimps and other local fish from the RI-UK initiated organic farms. Built at above 20 feet high, the tree house with its balcony and spectacular view of the Sundarbans, a few swim strokes across the Dangmari river, is the perfect place to enjoy a good book or bird watching. With a constant breeze that lulls you to sleep, the tree house can only house up to 2 people and 5 people at the most can stay up at one time.

At Dangmari, the local cultural troupe enthralls audiences with their performance of the Bon bibi and her influence upon the forest and its inhabitants while songs, sometimes penned the night before by the inspired performers, are sung in honor of the guests. A special welcome song with garlands and flowers are a particular favourite of the visitors. A handicrafts centre setup to help the locals hone their skills at crafting traditional items and stitching clothes is also a great place to pick up some eye catching handmade gift items. A wall hanging with jute or cane inlay work perhaps or a cushion cover from the Sundarbans can be a worthy thing to take back. Our eco-tourism motto of “take back pictures only” can surely be reworded to “take back pictures as well as handicrafts” as the purchases go  a long way to bolstering the local economy.

We invite tourists with a penchant for experiencing life in the bordering villages of the Sundarbans who will be sentient travelers, responsible and aware of the norms of eco-tourism.  Along with a range of activities from hiking, boat rides to bird watching, cultural performances and getting a peek into the everyday lives of the local communities, we above all offer visitors the chance to contribute towards the conservation and preservation of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest.