Gol Kanon Mangrove Eco Site

West Dhangmari, Basarpara, Banishanta, Dacope, Khulna

A plant that lends itself to grace and adds to the bizarre beauty of the Sundarbans, the Golpata or Nypa Palm truly embodies all that the Sundarbans is: a provider and a protector. This trunkless palm tree that offers shade and beauty, bears a fruit brimming with antioxidants and is a unique resident of the mangrove eco-system. When dried, the leaves are weaved in a criss-cross fashion to form thatched roofing that offers immense coolness to the interiors. It is also used for weaving baskets and other materials, making Golpata a supremely diverse plant. This site is dedicated to this unique plant as it grows in abundance here and the gol fruit, nestled inside the muddy floor of the region, dot the ground all around the cottages. 

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Welcome Drink: Green Coconut Juice/Palm juice


A colorful jetty marks the beginning of the Gol Kanon Mangrove EcoSite and bamboo steps from this jetty lead up to a sitting area with a rounded ceiling. This mangrove eco-site is surrounded by the iconic Nypa Palm of Gol pata and a huge pong flanks the right side while two cottages fall on the left with a narrow brick pathway in the middle leading up to the Multipurpose shed, meant for performances and large gatherings.  The multipurpose shed also acts as the dining area as the house owners live right behind this. With animal pens on one side of the pond and a pathway that leads up and down the village to houses of neighbouring villagers, the GolKanon site is a picture perfect village with smoke wafting out of the houses and large packs of goats wandering around freely. You are sure to be accompanied by at least two different animals while walking through the village so enjoy the attention! 

Eco-Cottages: 2 cottages

  • 2 Person accommodation per bamboo cottage, with Nypa palm roofing and a balcony. 2 double beds, a traditional clothes rack. Easy chairs for the balcony.  1 table outside.
  • 1 modern toilet facility to be shared by both cottages.
  • A large pond facing the cottages with a glorious view of the village
  • Solar lighting and solar batteries available. Cottages are lit by solar lamps and a solar fan cools the interiors
  • A 2 minute walk leads t the owner’s residential area and the Multipurpose shed. 1 kitchen at the back, run by the cottage owners.


  • Take a leisurely boat ride down the Dangmari River to quietly look for birds or the occasional group of monkeys through the trees and if the Bon Bibi bestows you with luck, keep a keen eye for large grey snouts dipping in and out of the waters, as the dolphins tease us with their presence. 
  • Take a dip in the large pond and watch the ducks swim beside you while the wandering goats keep watch over you. Beware of leaving anything behind in case the goats catch a fancy to your belongings!
  • Dabble at cooking traditional food with the host family, as you cut vegetables on the local “boitee” or curved kitchen cutter
  • The landowners live a few yards behind the cottages so experience the everyday lives of a regular family in the Sundarbans
  • Eco-guides to accompany you on hikes
  • Bob bibi performance by local cultural troupe with a live band of musicians at the multipurpose shed as the entire neighborhood watches beside you
  • Visit local houses as the neighborhood sprawls round the cottages with the sights and sounds of a village surrounding you
  • Help the cottage owner tend to his huge garden of fruits and vegetables or pick your own dinner of the freshest vegetables this side of the River.