The Mangrove Eco Cottage and Tree House is located in West Dhangmari under Dacope sub district in the Khulna district. The facade to this site is the magnificent Sundarbans Forest right across the Dhangmari canal. A colorful jetty marks the beginning to the Mangrove Eco cottage and Tree House site. With a crab fattening unit and an organic pond flanking the right side of this jetty, a short walk leads to the watchtower, where Spotting wildlife across the Dangmari River, afternoon teas and serenely watching the sunset are highly encouraged! Walking down bamboo steps from the Watchtower leads to a canopy of fruit trees that make way to a large verandah and the two bamboo cottages with their Golpata or Nypa palm roofing. Cultural performances and large gatherings fit perfectly in this verandah and the wooden steps lead up to the tree house from here. Two more cottages can be found on the back side, which can be accessed by a quaint bamboo bridge, built especially for this purpose, but beware of the squirrels and neighboring children hustling for space while crossing this bridge!


Conservation of Biodiversity: The Sundarbans mangrove forest is region that is home to some of the rarest species in the world and the only place where both the Ganges River Dolphin and the Irrawaddy Dolphins are found. The project hopes to enable a conducive environment for the neighboring communities to explore and pursue an alternate source of income generation through the value chain that the ecotourism option offers. Conservation of biodiversity is of primary importance as the communities are encouraged to stay away from infringing upon the mangrove forest’s resources for their daily needs and focus on nature friendly tourism while ensuring that the forest is protected through the active collaboration of the eco-guides, the eco-cottage owners and the other entrepreneurs and individuals involved. Thus, communities involved in the eco tourism value chain are contributing to conservation through their efforts to delve in other activities and encourage tourism that does not harm the environment.

Preservation of Culture:

The Eco-tourism project aims to preserve and promote the local culture of the Sundarbans through highlighting the cultural troupes in the area and does so through organizing performances, on site and travelling around the country as well. The Mangrove Eco-Cottage & Tree House site invites the cultural troupe from the nearby Laudobe union  who have a growing list of song and dance performances and put up a spectacular Bon Bibi skit as well as short plays on the importance of conservation.

Community Development:

By engaging the communities and scaling up their abilities and capacities to become entrepreneurs and take part in the vast range of opportunities the eco-tourism value chain offers, from supplying food and other services to participating in cultural activities or simply spreading awareness about environmental factors that encourage good practices within the community.


Cottage rent per night: Tk. 1500/- (breakfast included)

Meal: Per meal cost is Tk. 450/-

How to Get There:


  • At more than 20 feet above the ground, climb the tree house for an aerial view of the Sundarbans (conditional upon availability of tree house)
  • Hire bicycles for a ride through the village to burn those extra calories gained during lunch
  • Hire our tent for 2 people at an hourly basis to sit within and enjoy the calmness of the forest under a canopy
  • Watch the birds fly in and out of their homes from the watch tower as you serenely sip masala tea
  • Enjoy a simple lunch of local fish and vegetables with rice at the Watch Tower with the serene green Sundarbans as your front view and the quaint village at the back. Lunch is followed by coconuts and local sweets with tea.
  • Catch your own dinner by fishing with the local farmers in their organic ponds
  • Take a motorbike ride from Dangmari to Vojonkhali to enjoy the sights of the villages, when the roads are dry
  • Dabble at cooking traditional food with the host family, as you cut vegetables on the local “boitee” or curved kitchen cutter
  • Bob bibi performance by local cultural troupe with a live band of musicians in the open space infront of the cottages
  • Enjoy an eco-boat ride down the Dangmari river along the Sundarbans
  • Wait for the monkeys to show up in the afternoon to drink and play in the water.
  • Watch the birds return to their nests towards sundown.
  • Watch the sun turn into a ball of orange at dusk as the evening brings a calmness and a cool breeze

(“Noyil” (Phyllanthus Acidus) fruit)